Bexhill Buildings


The Bexhill Golf Links

The first golf club was founded in 1880 and used an existing cottage on the site as a clubhouse, this was extended in 1912. Up until the Second World War, the golf links stretched from the East Parade to Galley Hill with greens on both sides of the railway line. The following description of Bexhill’s […]

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Bexhill’s Race Track

Bexhill-on-Sea became known as the “Birthplace of British Motor Racing” because of an event that took place in May, 1902. It was an idea of the 8th Earl that was to secure the town’s place in history – the idea being to bring together, in Bexhill-on-Sea, as many of the latest designs of automobiles manufactured

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Brook Lodge (The Grange)

Brook Lodge, later known as The Grange, was built by Arthur Brook in about 1750, Arthur was the grandfather of the famous ‘Squire’ A. S. Brook. ‘Squire’ Arthur Sawyer Brook later lived in the Manor House but moved back to Brook Lodge when the Manor House began to deteriorate in the late 19th century. The

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Bexhill Museum

[ilink url=””]Back to Map[/ilink] Bexhill Museum was opened in 1914. The Reverend J.C. Thompson FGS and Kate Marsden FRGS were instrumental in the setting up of the museum and the Reverend Thompson was Hon Curator until 1924. The museum was housed in the Egerton Park Shelter Hall, built in 1903. This had been a small

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Bexhill’s Gasworks

In 1854, though the parish of Bexhill had been included in the statutory area of the Hastings and St Leonard’s Gas Company, there was no attempt made to supply the village with gas. Lord De La Warr wanted to create the new resort of Bexhill-on-Sea without any restrictions being placed on his plans by such

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St Andrew’s Church

  St Andrew’s church, in Wickham Avenue, was founded as a mission church of St Barnabas, in 1900, and, from 1931, was the church of the conventional district of West Bexhill which, in 1934, became the parish of St. Augustine when the church of that name was consecrated. The Church closed in 2011 but the

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Egerton Park Swimming Pool

A swimming bath or pool of some kind occupied this site from the time the park was laid out in 1888 up until its final demolition in 1986. The original swimming bath was created by lining an old salting depression with concrete and bringing in sea water through an iron pipe. Over the years the

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Metroplitan Convalescent Home

The Convalescent Home opened in 1881, before the development of the resort which would become Bexhill-on-Sea, began. When it was first built, on the southern slopes of old Bexhill, the Home looked out over marsh and fields to the sea until the new town of Bexhill began to grow a few years later, in 1883.

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St. Barnabas’ Church

As the new town of Bexhill grew, a new church was needed so, first, in June 1891, the Parish of St Barnabas was created from the old St Peter’s Parish. In 1888, the, then, incumbent of St. Peter’s, Canon Clarke, donated £6,000 toward the building of a a new church, between the railway and the

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