Our patron – Eddie Izzard

Bexhill Museum is delighted to have a patron with such strong links to the town, especially one with such a long, proven commitment to the Museum itself.

An internationally celebrated actor and performer born in Aden in 1962, Eddie's father brought the family to Bexhill the following year, and after intervening stints in South Wales and Northern Ireland came home to Bexhill for good in 1969.

Eddie studied at St. Bedes in Eastbourne, Eastbourne College and Sheffield University, coming to the critics' notice following a landmark performance in 1991's Hysteria 3 charity show. Blessed with a hugely endearing and inimitable stage presence Eddie's unique stage shows have since been seen and enjoyed by millions worldwide.

As a professional actor Eddie's credits include parts in films as diverse at The Avengers, Oceans 12, Victoria & Abdul and most recently, Six Minutes to Midnight. TV work includes US shows such as The Riches and UK dramas including The Day of the Triffids.

Bexhill Museum, its trustees, members and volunteers welcome a patron who embodies the town’s all too rarely recognised tradition of harnessing modern originality and creative possibility.  Eddie continues to be an inspiring figure to young people everywhere, and we are honoured to have her as our Patron.

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