Museum Exhibitions & Displays

The following is a list of some of the Exhibitions held at the Museum over the years and which will be appearing in this section as soon as available.

100 years of Bexhill Museum

Bexhill Museum was opened in 1914. The building was owned by the Bexhill Corporation, who leased it to the museum and provided a small grant.

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Bexhill Prehistoric to the Present Day

The Museum has taken the opportunity of the year 2000 to look back over Bexhill’s fascinating past and review some of the people, achievements and events that make the town so special.

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Dinosaurs & Geology

The Exhibition examined three different aspects of Iguanodon

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Birthplace of British Motor Racing

Bexhill-on-Sea became known as the “Birthplace of British Motor Racing” because of an event that took place in May, 1902

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Ancient Egypt

Bexhill Museum has an important collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts, which where ‘re-excavated’ for this exhibition.

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Costume & Social History

The collection places the histories of communities, families, and their personal and working lives in their historical settings. This helps us to understand how our own lives connect with the wider world today.

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Sporting Bexhill

Sport and recreation have always been part of the Town’s ethos—both as a means of encouraging people to the resort and also to cater to the needs of the resident population. Find out about the sports and personalities.

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From the Cradle to the Grave

From the moment someone is born they begin to leave an imprint on this world, however, a person’s life-history does not only exist in official documents.

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