CAREY Thomas

Category: Military
Rank: Private G/11339
Regiment or Ship: 10th Battalion Suffolk Regiment & 10th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment
Service Number(s): 24601 & G11339
Occupation: Carman
Date of Birth: 1895
Place of Birth: Sidley
Date of Death: 1974
Address: 59 Sidley Street, Sidley

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Family Information

Father: James Carey born in Sidley and died 1934 in Battle.
Mother: Ann Elizabeth Barker born 1859 in Sidley and died 1939 in Battle. They married in 1879 in Hailsham.

George Frederick Carey 1882-1958 B0001 CAREY George Frederick (Gov. War Work)
Richard Thomas Carey 1883 – 1963 W0151 CAREY Richard Thomas (Driver)
Edna Grace Carey 1885 – 1962
Benjamin James Carey 1887 – 1918 W0076 CAREY Benjamin (Rifleman)
Frederick Carey 1891 – 1914 W0003 CAREY Frederick (Private)
Arthur Carey 1892 – 1947 W0152 CAREY Arthur (Driver)
Harry Carey 1897 – 1975 W0146 CAREY Harry (Driver)
Alfred Ernest Carey 1899 – 1975 W0153 CAREY Alfred Ernest (Private)
Elsie Carey 1900 – ?

First World War Experience

Thomas enlisted on the 12th Janaury 1916 and served 339 days before he was discharged on the 15th December 1916. He joined the 10th Battalion Suffolk Regiment at Colchester on the 12th February 1916 and was then transferred on the 28th April 1916 to the 10th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment at Shoreham. This unit became the 23rd Training Reserve Battalion.

According to his military records he was discharged in December 1916 because he was deemed “mentally deficient”, after recovering from an attack of Hyperchrondrical Melancholia. It also claims he was no longer physically fit and that his condition was permanent.

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