CAREY George Frederick

Category: Civilian
Regiment or Ship: Government War Work
Date of Birth: 1882
Place of Birth: Sidley
Date of Death: 1958
Address: 33 Sidley Street, Sidley

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Family Information

Father: James Carey born in Sidley and died 1934 in Battle.
Mother: Ann Elizabeth Barker born 1859 in Sidley and died 1939 in Battle. They married in 1879 in Hailsham.

Richard Thomas Carey 1883 – 1963 W0151 CAREY Richard Thomas (Driver)
Edna Grace Carey 1885 – 1962
Benjamin James Carey 1887 – 1918 W0076 CAREY Benjamin (Rifleman)
Frederick Carey 1891 – 1914 W0003 CAREY Frederick (Private)
Arthur Carey 1892 – 1947 W0152 CAREY Arthur (Driver)
Thomas Carey 1895 – 1974 W0150 CAREY Thomas (Private)
Harry Carey 1897 – 1975 W0146 CAREY Harry (Driver)
Alfred Ernest Carey 1899 – 1975 W0153 CAREY Alfred Ernest (Private)
Elsie Carey 1900 – ?

Wife: Annie Kate Larkin born 1883 in Beckley. They married in 1908, and in 1911 they were living at 33 Sidley Street. Annie died in 1967 in Hastings.

Frederick born 1909
Evelyn M born 1911
Victor A born 1919
Bernard J born 1921
Doreen M. J born 1924
Phyllis G.S born 1926


First World War Experience

During the War George was attested and working for the Government. Government War Work could have included numerous roles including munitions production. As there was a munitions factory in Bexhill he may have been working there. Similarly some Bexhillians also worked at the Woolwich Arsenal munitions factories. However without further evidence it is impossible to say for certain if this was the case for George.

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