St. Barnabas’ Infants’ and Girls’ School

As the population of the new town of Bexhill grew, in 1891 a new parish of St Barnabas was created from the original, old parish of St Peter.

In 1893, a mixed Infants’ School was opened on the corner of Sackville Road and Western Road (the building that is now occupied by Bexhill Library).

In 1897, a Girls’ School opened on the upper floor of the same building as the Infants’.

In April 1928, the Girls’ School and the Infants’ School were amalgamated; the school functioned until it was evacuated in 1940 – it did not re-open after the war

In 1956, the Boy’s School, together with the Girls’ and Infants’ Schools, were replaced by St Peter and St Paul’s School.

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