York Hall


“York Hall” was built in 1895 and the “Bexhill Observer’s” first publication, on 9th May 1896, reports on a meeting of the Baptists being held there and this became a regular meeting place for them until their chapel was built. Other assemblies took place in the Hall as did Council meetings.
On 17th March, 1904, Lloyd George spoke at a meeting of the Liberal Party, held in “York Hall”: his main topics were the Boer War and education in Wales..
In 1935, after thirteen weeks of refurbishment, the old “York Hall”, in London Road, re-opened, on 5th August 1935, as the “Gaiety Cinema” but, unfortunately, it was bombed in 1940 and never re-opened.

It’s now a part of commercial premises – the Elva factory opened behind this site in 1955.

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