Cantelupe Road Police Station & Magistrates’ Court

The police station and magistrate’s court at Cantelupe Road were opened in January, 1903.and the “Bexhill Observer”, dated 10th, gives a report on the description of the building.

The report states that the new police-station and the courthouse were built as a single unit in a aristocratic, private residential part of the town, which, as one can imagine, originally raised objections from those in the neighbourhood.

The building’s main block was of dark red brick, relieved here and there with white stones. It consisted of the Sessions House with Superintendent’s dwelling and Seargent’s house on either side.

The roof was tiled the same dark, red colour and had symmetrical chimneys,. The other buildings, consisting of three cottages and the coach-house and stable, were of uniform design..

The whole establishment was enclosed with a tall iron railing and substantial brick piers. The work was carried out by Mr White of St Leonard’s, whose contract price was £9517 3s 9d. The furnishing cost an extra £200 but, so it said, every detail appeared to have been thoroughly executed.

The Hall of Justice

The entrance to the Sessions House was from Cantaloupe-Road, under an imposing stone archway, in which the arms of the County had been skilfully worked.

“On entering one finds himself in the corridor, on the left side of which of the doors leading into the court house, and on the other side of the waiting-rooms and apartments for solicitors. The public entrance to the Court is immediately on the left, solicitors and others using the second door further along the hall. Oak-ceiling, oak-panelled, oak-benched, oak dock, and oak witness-box with a large stained glass window at either end, that behind the magistrates bench being both beautifully impressive, bearing the County Arms and the words on either side below, “Virtus, Honor, Justitia”, the Hall of Justice represents an appearance which must command the respect of the most hardened offender.”

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