Category: Conscientious Objector, Military
Rank: Private
Regiment or Ship: 6 Eastern Company Non Combatant Corps later 11 Eastern Company Non-Combatant Corps
Service Number(s): 2201
Occupation: Assistant Grocer (1911 Census)
Date of Birth: 1892
Place of Birth: Hastings, Sussex
Date of Death: 23.04.1950
Place of Death: Bexhill, Sussex Place of Burial / Memorials:

Bexhill cemetery – buried 02.05.1950 – Plot reference AAF10.

C0013 (1) TRULUCK John (Private) Headstone

Address: Uplands 3 Bidwell Avenue (at time of death), Bexhill

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information


Ebenezer Thomas Truluck, born in September 1860, christened on 10th January 1862 in the parish of St. Clements, in Hastings, and Elizabeth Ann Truluck (née Bates), born in July of the same year, in the parish of All Saints, Hastings – the same parish in which they married in 1879, when both were aged 19 years old.


Ebenezer Henry Trueluck born 21st July 1880, christened 19th November 1882, at All Saints, Hastings, Sussex. W0057 TRULUCK Ebenezer Henry (Gunner)

Elizabeth Phoebe Trueluck born 16 Jan 1885, christened 12 Oct 1887, at All Saints, Hastings, Sussex

Bertie Trueluck born Autumn 1899, christened 11th Oct 1891, at All Saints, Hastings, Sussex.  C0011 TRULUCK Bertie (Private)

Frederick Trueluck born 14 March 1895 in Hastings, Sussex.  C0012 TRULUCK Frederick (Private)

May Violet Trueluck born 1888, in Hastings, Sussex.

Blossom Trueluck born 1901, in Bexhill, Sussex, died 1919, in Bexhill, Sussex.

Wife: On 11th October 1915 John Truluck married Rose Mary Crook (born 2nd July 1892 in Lancashire) in Bexhill. She died in 1972. There are no records of any children.

First World War Experience

John Truluck was a Conscientious Objector and was given non-combatant duties at his first hearing at the Bexhill Tribunal on Wednesday 5th 1916, as reported in both the Chronicle and the Observer newspapers: he did not pursue his claim to being a CO in an effort to get total exemption but accepted the decision.

 Most of John’s Army Records have survived, but he did not serve abroad. His conduct appears to have been generally good, though on 22nd July 1917, while serving with the No. 11 Eastern Coy N.C.C., stationed at Newhaven, Private Truluck, No. 2201, was according to his conduct sheet, charged as follows: – “When on duty checking supplies reading a book contrary to orders”. His punishment was to be confined to camp for three days.

He was demobilized on 24.11.1919

C0013 (2) TRULUCK, John (Private) Army Records

Additional Information

John died in 1950, aged 58. His will went to Probate on 15th February 1951:-

TRULUCK JOHN of Uplands, 3 Bidwell-avenue Bexhill Sussex died 28 April 1950. Administration LONDON 15 February to Rosemary Truluck widow and Ronald John Truluck warehouseman. Effects £3841

Other addresses:

St Mildred’s, Arthur Road, Bexhill” (Army Records – on joining)

Tribunal Reports

C0013 (3) TRULUCK, John (Private)Tribunal Reports

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