TRULUCK Frederick

Category: Conscientious Objector, Military
Rank: Private 2915
Regiment or Ship: 11 Eastern Company Non Combatant Corps
Service Number(s): 2915
Occupation: Ironmonger’s Porter
Date of Birth: 14.03.1895
Place of Birth: Hastings, Sussex
Date of Death: 1973 (Jan-Mar)
Place of Death: Bexhill Place of Burial / Memorials:

Bexhill Cemetery (Interred 05.03.1973 – Grave ref. CAG7)


C0012 (1) TRULUCK, Frederick (Private) Headstone

Address: The Cottage, Eastwood Road, Bexhill

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information


Ebenezer Thomas Truluck, born in September 1860, christened on 10th January 1862, in the parish of St. Clements, in Hastings, and Elizabeth Ann Truluck (née Bates), born in July of the same year, in the parish of All Saints, Hastings – the same parish in which they were to be married, in 1879, when both were just 19 years old.


Ebenezer Henry Trueluck born 21st July 1880, christened 19th November 1882, at All Saints, Hastings, Sussex W0057 TRULUCK Ebenezer Henry (Gunner)
Elizabeth Phoebe. Trueluck born 16 Jan 1885, christened 12 Oct 1887, at All Saints, Hastings, Sussex

Albert (Bertie )Truluck born Autumn 1899, christened 11th Oct 1891, at All Saints, Hastings, Sussex  C0011 TRULUCK Bertie (Private)
John Trueluck born Spring, 1892, in Hastings, Sussex C0013 TRULUCK John (Private)

May Violet Trueluck born 1888, in Hastings, Sussex.

Blossom Trueluck born 1901, in Bexhill, Sussex, died July-September, 1919, in Bexhill, Sussex

Wife (1st):  First Marriage (Autumn 1916) – Frederick aged 19 married Elsie Mabel Kemp (born in Eastbourne in 1891) aged 25. The marriage took place in the district of Battle (possibly Bexhill). Elsie died in 1934 aged 38 in the parish of Hastings.

Children of Frederick and Elsie Mabel Kemp

Cyril Frederick Truluck born June quarter of 1919 in Bexhill

Ronald John Truluck born March quarter of 1928 in Bexhill

Wife (2nd): Second Marriage – to Dorothy May Vitler, in Bexhill in 1935. Dorothy was born at 20 Preston Road, Sidley – her parents were Frederick and Mary Ann Vitler.

Children of Frederick and Dorothy May Vitler

Ian Robert Truluck, born 1936 in Bexhill

David Robert Truluck, born 1937, in Bexhill.

First World War Experience

None of Frederick’s Service Records survived the bombing in the Second World War so we have no way of knowing which corps/regiment he joined and no record of his service number or other details.

Frederick joined the Army in the Non-combatant Corps. We know this because of a Wedgewood Jasperware biscuit barrel inscribed, “Presented by the NCO’s and men of Hut 13 NCC to Mr and Mrs Truluck November 25th 1916”. This barrel is in the possession of Frederick’s son, David, and was almost certainly a wedding gift as that is the date Frederick married Elsie Kemp.

Frederick was a Conscientious Objector and went before just one Bexhill Tribunal, at which he was recommended for non-combatant duty.

Additional Information

The inscription on Frederick & Dorothy May Truluck’s headstone, in Bexhill Cemetery, reads:

“In Loving Memory of Frederick Truluck”

“Called home 28th February 1973”

“In Thy Presence is Fullness of Joy  – Ps 16 v. ii”

“Also his wife Dorothy May reunited 41th December 1996”

His other addresses:

1891 Census – 3, Aldborough Road, St. Leonards. Hastings
1901 Census – 17, Hamilton Road, Bexhill

Tribunal Reports

C0012 (2) TRULUCK, Frederick (Private) Tribunal Reports

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