PRESS Albert Reginald

Category: Civilian
Rank: Second Engineer
Regiment or Ship: Mercantile Marine
Occupation: Merchant seaman
Date of Birth: 1888
Place of Birth: Hull
Date of Death: 16 November 1916
Place of Death: English Channel Place of Burial / Memorials:

Bexhill Cemetery. Grave EF Q6

Address: 5, Ladygate, Beverley, Yorkshire

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information

Mother: Sarah Jane Press b.1867 Doncaster

Sister: Selina Gladys Press b.1897 Hull

Brother: Harold Redvers Press b.1900 Hull

Later married Violet Humphrey Dawson

First World War Experience

Engineer, SS Vasco

Additional Information

Washed ashore off of Bridge Way, Bulverhythe Nov 1916

The service was carried out in the cemetery chapel at the same time as Leonard Cooper. For more information see W0042 COOPER Leonard William (Merchant Seaman)

For reasons unknown Albert’s grave – and that of his shipmate Leonard COOPER – was left unmarked for 99 years. Following research by Bexhill Museum, after contact from his family, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission erected a headstone in April 2015

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