HAMMOND Arthur James

Category: Military
Rank: Gunner 906237
Regiment or Ship: Royal Field Artillery
Service Number(s): 90623
Address: 2 Pope's Cottages, Ninfield Road, Sidley

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Family Information

Wife: Married Naomi Mary Isted (born 1890) in 1911. She died in 1972 ages 80 in Hastings. See ISTED brothers for more details about the Isted war time experience.

George Albert Isted born 1888 Battle and died 28th April 1915 in Gallipoli. W0039 ISTED George (Private)
Reginald Thomas born 1892 Battle, and died 1972 aged 80 in Hastings W0154 ISTED Reginald Thomas (Private)
Sidney John Isted born 1894 Battle and died 23rd July 1916 at Richebourg St. Vaast. W0037 ISTED Sidney John (Private)
Arthur Henry born 1897 Battle W0155 ISTED Arthur Henry (Private)

First World War Experience

Arthur Hammond enlisted in the army at Hastings on 11th December 1915 at the age of 27. Following his training he sailed from Southampton with the Royal Field Artillery on 4th May 1916 and disembarked at Le Havre the next day.

On 4th October 1916 he joined the British Expeditionary Force with 109 Battery, 283rd Brigade and saw action almost immediately. After just fourteen days he was wounded in the field and withdrawn for treatment, returning to his unit on 15th November.

Arthur was wounded a second time on 2nd January 1917, requiring recuperation for eighteen days. He sustained a third wound in the field on 14th September 1917, on this occasion keeping him away from his unit for eight days.

On 19th January 1918 he was granted leave to the UK until 2nd February, but just two days before his scheduled return he was admitted to hospital in England with a disease, remaining there until being discharged back to his unit on 20th March.

On 9th April 1919 he was posted to Headquarters, Germany where he remained until the end of August whereupon he was returned to England for dispersal.

W0156 HAMMOND Arthur James (Gunner) The Service Record of Arthur James Hammond

Information courtesy of John Hammond

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