ADAMS Stephen Charles

Category: Military
Rank: Signaller 236902
Regiment or Ship: HMS Encounter 1914/1915 HMS Niobe 1916
Service Number(s): 236902
Occupation: Painter
Date of Birth: 22.09.1890
Place of Birth: Sidley
Address: Lewes Lass Cottages, Sidley, Sussex

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information


Henry John Adams b.1860, buried 11.04.1930, in Bexhill, and Eliza Adams b. 1861.


Alfred John Adams, b. 1886 in Sidley. W0177 ADAMS Alfred John

William Thomas Adams. b. 1887 in Sidley. W0178 ADAMS William Thomas

Harry Adams, b. 1889 in Sidley.

Ellen Eliza Adams, b. 1892 in Sidley.

Edith Mary Adams, b. 1893 in Sidley.

First World War Experience

Stephen joined the Royal Navy on 22nd. September 1908 and his Attestation Form shows that he was 5’6” tall with auburn hair, grey eyes and a fresh complexion. He had two tattoos – a bird and bracelet on his left forearm and a girl’s head on his right forearm.

Stephen is shown to be serving on HMS Encounter in 1914 and 1915 but in 1916 he was aboard HMS Niobe. He was transferred to the Australian Navy on 18th May, 1911.

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