Mariana Alice Browning 1844 – 1910

MissBrowningFounder of the Beehive School. The Beehive School was founded by Miss Mariana Alice Browning, sister of Oscar Browning, a Cambridge don and a master at Eton. She started the school in Windsor in 1876 with eight boarding girls. It has been said that it was founded to accommodate the sisters of boys attending Eton. The school moved to Bexhill in 1900, where it first occupied two houses in Dorset Road. It grew over the years both in reputation and size until it accommodated an average of 80 boarders.

Miss Browning laid great stress on the importance of loyalty, trustworthiness, reliability and leading a useful life. Religion was always to the forefront in fostering this. Miss Browning died on All Saints’ Day 1910 and was buried at Windsor. Miss Catherine Woodward, who had joined the staff in 1878 and taught history, succeeded as headmistress. In 1923, Miss de Putron OBE, on the resignation of Miss Woodward, having bought the goodwill of the school, succeeded as headmistress.

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