Bexhill People

Minnie Pallister 1885-1960

Born in 1885, in Kilkhampton, Cornwall, Minnie’s early years involved regular moves as her Wesleyan Minister father, William, travelled the country with his wife Rose and family. At 16 Minnie was in Haverfordwest where she was educated at Tasker’s High School for Girls, where she took her London Matriculation (1st class). She went to Cardiff […]

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Ebenezer Warburton 1845 – 1929

Ebenezer Warburton, founder of Bexhill’s longest surviving business, was born in 1845 in the County of Bedfordshire. He was apprenticed to Mr Heaver of Hempstead mill near Uckfield and married the miller’s daughter, Harriet, in 1870. They had eight sons, two dying in infancy, and three daughters. Ebenezer eventually ran the Hempstead Mill and also

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Henry Sargent 1891 – 1983

Curator of Bexhill Museum. Henry Sargent was the Curator of Bexhill Museum for 63 years. He died in Bexhill Hospital on the 12 December 1983 at the age of 93. Born in 1891 in Hastings, he obtained a bursary to the Hastings School of Art. His special interests were Natural History and Photography. His first

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Saint Richard 1197 – 1253

Bishop of Chichester. Richard was born at Droitwich in 1197. On the death of his parents the family farm was neglected by those who held it in trust, which necessitated Richard interrupting his education to help save the farm and property. Richard resumed his studies at Oxford then in Paris and Bologna. In 1235 he

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Alex Sanders 1926 – 1988

King of the Witches. Alex Sanders was born in Lancashire and was initiated into witchcraft by his grandmother at the age of 7 and marked with a magical symbol by Aleister Crowley at the age of 10. Alex Sanders was credited with the leadership of 107 covens worldwide. The local coven used to hold meetings

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