Jimmy (James) Glover 1861 – 1931

JimmyGloverManager of the Kursaal. Born James Mackey in Dublin 18th June 1861, he adopted the surname of his grandfather Professor J.W. Glover, a composer and editor of Moore’s ‘Irish Melodies’. As a boy soprano he assisted his grandfather in his lectures on ‘Ancient Irish Music’ and also became deputy organist at Dublin Cathedral. His grandfather sent him to France for a musical education. His career began as an accompanying pianist but in 1880 he became a musical director and worked at various London theatres. In 1897 Glover became the musical director at Drury Lane and stayed in post until 1920.

Jimmy Glover was appointed as manager of the 8th Earl De La Warr’s Kursaal in 1900 and over a period of 8 years arranged some 2000 concerts in Bexhill. As he was musical director of Drury Lane at the same time as manager of the Kursaal he was able to book some of the best acts in the country to play at Bexhill. In 1902 Jimmy Glover became a Bexhill councillor and was mayor in 1906-1907 and deputy mayor to Lord Brassey in 1907-1908. He turned to journalism in later life and was a music critic for the Sun and Daily Mail.

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