Dr Thomas Pye died 1609

Rector of St. Peter’s Church from 1589-1609.

Dr Pye was born at Darleston in Staffordshire and educated at Merton College Oxford. He became rector of Bexhill parish in 1589 aged 28 years. He restored the Chantry Chapel in St. Peter’s Church and opened it as a ‘schole house’ in 1597 and so founded Bexhill’s first known school. He died in 1609 and is buried in the Chantry Chapel. The Batesford Chantry was built in accordance with the will of Lady Joan Brenchley of 6 August 1453 in memory of her parents William and Margery Batesford and her husband Sir William Brenchley. Chantry Chapels were abolished during Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries.

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