Alex Sanders 1926 – 1988

Alex Sanders largeKing of the Witches. Alex Sanders was born in Lancashire and was initiated into witchcraft by his grandmother at the age of 7 and marked with a magical symbol by Aleister Crowley at the age of 10. Alex Sanders was credited with the leadership of 107 covens worldwide. The local coven used to hold meetings at the De La Warr Pavilion and possibly for refreshment in the Bell Hotel in the Old Town. He moved to Chantry Cottage in Bexhill Old Town in 1973 and later moved to St. Leonards in 1986.

The seaside climate must suit magicians as Aliester Crowley, the self-styled wickedest man in the world, spent his last years in Hastings. Sanders famously put a curse on a Bexhill Light Opera and Dramatic Society’s production at the De La Warr Pavilion when his wife Gillian, who was the musical director, had an argument with the producer. The ‘curse’ was later said to have been meant as a joke. Whatever the case it gave the BLODS the best publicity they ever had, with stories appearing in the national dailies and the producer being interviewed on local radio. Alex Sanders died of cancer aged 62.

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