This section has brought together various glossaries and lists of useful information to help understand the various First World War related terms and references located elsewhere. It may also be useful for researchers and family historians. The glossaries include military medals, military ranks, theatres of war and other useful information.

Here is a list of the various countries involved in the First World War and whether they were part of the Allies or the Central Powers. In some cases it also gives the date when they joined the War.

The Allies

  • Britain, France and Russia – the Entente Powers or Triple Entente
  • Serbia and Montenegro (surrendered to Germany in 1916)
  • Japan (Joined 1914)
  • Italy (Joined 1915)
  • Portugal
  • Romania (Joined 1916)
  • Greece Joined 1917)
  • China (joined 1917)
  • British Dominions of Canada and Australia
  • South Africa
  • America

The Central Powers

  • Austria-Hungary, with its various nationalities under Emperor Franz-Joseph
  • Germany’s Empire under Kaiser Wilhelm
  • Turkey (Ottoman Empire) from October 1914
  • Bulgaria from 1915

Some countries remained neutral. These were Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries.

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