Bexhill West Station Photo Gallery

All the following images and text has been taken from the on-line website Disused Stations, with the permission of Nick Catford, the site owner.

The web address (URL) for the website is – – please note that these “Access Centre” terminals have no Internet connection.

Also, please note.

  • All the images that follow are presented in separate “galleries”, with each gallery comprising three individually numbered images. A description of what each image shows appears immediately underneath the image. Click on any image in the gallery and you will be taken to an enlarged copy of the chosen image. There are forward and back buttons, which will allow you to manually scroll through the entire gallery, one image at a time, a start/stop button, which moves the images automatically after a few seconds from one to the next and a symbol (a circle enclosing a cross, usually at lower right of the image), which, when clicked upon, will return you to the previous page/gallery.
  • DEMU” appears several times in the text below and stands for “diesel-electric multiple unit”. The “DE” stands for “Diesel-Electric” and refers to a coach or carriage that carries people but is powered by its own on-board diesel engines, driving an electrical generator/motor combination. The “MU” stands for “Multiple Unit” and refers to the fact that several such coaches may be coupled together and the complete “train” controlled/driven from any coach within the train. This saves reversing and/or de-coupling when a coach is needed to go the other way. Similarly, a “DMU”, is a “Diesel Multiple Unit” where the power comes, directly, from a diesel engine.

The Early Years, up to 1936

The 1950s

Early 1960s up to Official Closure in 1964

1964 – From Demolition to the 1970s

The 1970s

The 1980s

The Years 2004 & 2006

The Year 2007

The Year 2008

The Year 2013


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