WICKENS Sidney Harold

Category: Conscientious Objector
Place of Birth: Bexhill
Date of Death: 1956
Place of Death: Bexhill Place of Burial / Memorials:

Bexhill Cemetery (Grave reference – DBA10)

C0004 WICKENS, Sidney Harold Headstone, Bexhill

Address: Albert Road, Bexhill

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Family Information

Father – Charles Wickens, born in 1835, in Hellingly, Sussex

Mother – Catherine A. Wickens (née White), born in 1841, in Hailsham, Sussex

Children (Sidney Harold’s Siblings):

  • Albert C. Wickens, son, born 1867, in Eastbourne, Sussex
  • Earnest W. Wickens, son, born 1872, in Bexhill, Sussex.

Sidney Harold Wickens married Eva Mary Carter in 1903, in Bexhill

 Children of Sidney Harold & Eva Mary Wickens:

  • Cecile Joyce Wickens, born in 1906, in Bexhill, Sussex
  • Geoffrey Henry Wickens, born in 1907 in Bexhill, Sussex
  • Eva Mollie Wickens, born in 1909, in Bexhill, Sussex – married Ernest W. Pons, in Bexhill, in 1935
  • Dorothy M. Wickens, born in 1913, in Bexhill, Sussex
  • Betty M. Wickens, born in 1915, in Bexhill, Sussex
  • Barbara J. Wickens, born 1923, in Bexhill, Sussex

No descendents, beyond Sidney Harold Wickens’ children, have been found; at least those who can be positively identified as such without obtaining birth certificates.

First World War Experience

Sidney Harold Wickens was an interesting case, in that he went before eight tribunals – the first was to seek total exemption for employees and the second to appeal on their behalf when the decision of the Tribunal went against them.

The six hearings that followed were his attempts to get total exemption for himself on various grounds, including his being a Conscientious Objector. Here, he was more successful in that he managed not only to get exemption from combat service at the first hearing but, also, through all the subsequent tribunals managed to avoid having to join a non-combatant corps.

So, Sidney, with his solicitor’s assistance, avoided having to join up for any military service, with the result that he has no First World War experience (other than attending Tribunals!) and no service records.

He’s here because he was a Conscientious Objector and a shrewd business man.

Tribunal Reports

C0004-WICKENS, Sidney Harold (Private) – Transcription of Tribunal Reports



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