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Address: 5 Windsor Road, Bexhill

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Family Information

Father: G. Thomas

Brother: Corpl. A. Thomas

First World War Experience

The only information that can, at present, be found out about George is the following notification printed in the Bexhill Chronicle, Week 28, dated 14th July 1917:-

“A short time ago we recorded that Corpl. A. Thomas, R.F.A., son of Mr and Mrs G. Thomas, of 5 Windsor Road, had been wounded. He has now returned to duty, and by a coincidence met his brother, George, who is also a soldier, for the first time for four years, and found that for months they had been only a few miles apart.”

There are so many George Thomas’ that it is almost impossible to be sure who is who. It may be that the A. Thomas referred to is Arthur Thomas who was awarded the MM (recorded in 1918) but, again, more information will be needed before a correct family tree can be produced.

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