RING Edward Francis J

Category: Military
Rank: Rifleman 49340
Regiment or Ship: Rifle Brigade
Service Number(s): 49340
Occupation: Academic
Date of Birth: 1899
Place of Birth: Bexhill, Sussex
Date of Death: 1974
Place of Death: LambethAddress: 31 Windsor Road, Bexhill

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information

Parents:          Edward Ring, born 1874 in Cork, Ireland, died 1944 in the Battle registration district, and Elizabeth Ring, born 1872 in Cork, Ireland, died 1954 in the Battle registration district.   W0237 RING Edward


Rose Blanche E. Ring, born 1900 in Bexhill.

In 1901 Edward was employed as a coachman (not domestic) and the family were living at 7 Belle Hill, Bexhill. By 1910 they had moved to 31 Windsor Road. There is no sign of the family in the 1911 census so one can only assume that they had gone to Ireland for a holiday.

First World War Experience

Edward’s service records have not survived and the only knowledge we have of his war service is from the following article which appeared in the Bexhill Chronicle on 7th December 1918.

“Our photographs are of a well-known soldier, Rifleman E. F. J. Ring, son of Mr. and Mrs E. Ring, of 31, Windsor Road, who has recently been wounded, and his father, who is in the Royal Irish Fusiliers. The rifleman joined up at the age of 18, having been at the College of St. Xavier, Liverpool. At the age of 15 he took the Oxford Junior Examination, at 16 Senior honours with first class honours and distinction, and at 17 matriculated, later taking a University examination. We are glad to say that he is now progressing towards recovery and is in hospital at Torquay. Mr. Ring, senior, joined up at the age of 44, and has been home on short leave from the North of England.”

Later that month, on 21st December 1918, another article appeared in the Bexhill Observer.

“Rifleman E. F. J. Ring, Rifle Brigade, son of Mr and Mrs Ring of 31 Windsor Road, is still in hospital at Torquay, suffering from the wound to his hip, but is progressing favourably. It was found necessary to reopen the wound.”

Edward was awarded the Victory Medal and the British Medal.

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