MUNN Reginald Victor

Category: Military
Rank: Private G/8653
Regiment or Ship: 11th Bn Royal Sussex Regiment later 2nd Bn Royal Sussex Regiment
Service Number(s): G/8653
Occupation: Grocer’s Assistant
Date of Birth: 1895
Place of Birth: St. Leonard’s, Sussex
Date of Death: 03.04.1918
Place of Burial / Memorials:

No place of burial found – remembered on Pozieres Memorial, Panel 46 and 47.

Address: 2 Sidley Street, Bexhill

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information


Harry Munn (born Hooe 1861) and Emily Bolton (born Hastings 1861) were married in 1892, in Hastings. Their first child was Reginald Victor Munn, born in St. Leonard’s, East Sussex, in late 1895.


Edith Munn, born 1901, in St. Leonard’s, East Sussex

Lilian Munn, born 1906, in St. Leonard’s, East Sussex

Wife: Maud Margaret Hancock (born in Bexhill, 1898) married on 15th July 1917, in St. Peter’s Church, Bexhill. Reginald was killed in action about a year later. There is no record of any children.

After the war, Maud Margaret Munn, married an Octaff Lefebre, and emigrated to Canada.

First World War Experience

Many of Reginald’s Service Records have survived but the hand-writing is difficult to read and much of the text has become very faint over the years. Very little knowledge of Reginald can be gleaned from these records, however. The only item that stands out, clearly, is an entry on his Army Form B103 (Casualty Form – Active Service) which says “6 APR 1918 – OC Bn. – Killed in Action” which only tells us that his death was reported by the Officer Commanding the Battalion (no name – no signature) but the rest of the entry is not readable.

It has not been possible to pinpoint the action Reginald was killed in.

Additional Information

Other addresses: Woods Farm, Glovers Lane, Sidley, Bexhill (1911 census).

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