Category: Military
Rank: Chaplain
Regiment or Ship: Royal Field Artillery
Occupation: Curate
Address: St Barnabas Church, Sea Road, Bexhill on Sea

Photos and newspaper articles

First World War Experience

Nothing can be definitely found about the Rev. Hearn’s family and the only information we have is an article in the Bexhill Chronicle dated 14th December, 1918, which reads

“The Rev. D J C Hearn, C.F., late curate of St. Barnabus, is with the Army of Occupation but, at the date of writing, December 6th, was still on French territory, and caught sight of King George on his tour of inspection of the troops last week.  He is Gunnery Chaplain, and has in his charge the artillery of the division as well as the local units.  Mr. Hearn says the greatest want where he is engaged is a regular and good supply of pictorial papers, magazines, short novels, and games of an inexpensive sort, including chess, draughts, and ludo. He will be grateful for any gifts of such things. Parcels should be addressed:-  The Rev. D J C Hearn, No. 1 D. A. C., 18th Division, R. F. A., B.E.F. France.”

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