HARROD Nathan John

Category: Military
Rank: Sapper
Regiment or Ship: 3/2 H. C. Fd. Co. Royal Engineers
Occupation: Cold and Hot Water Fitter
Date of Birth: 1875
Place of Birth: Hastings, Sussex
Date of Death: 1924
Place of Death: Hastings, Sussex Address: 79 Little Common Road, Bexhill on Sea

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information

Parents:          Thomas Harrod (1841-1924) and Mary Ann Fanny Harrod, nee Cramp, (1842-1909)

Siblings:         Rachel, b.1879; Esther, b. 1881; and David (1883-1969).

In 1900 Nathan married Emily Larkin (1879-1949) in the Hastings area. No children of this marriage have been found.

First World War Experience

Nathan enlisted sometime in 1914 – being then 38 years of age.  He was of good physical development, being 5’ 6” tall, with 6/6 vision in both eyes.  Although he had been a gardener in 1911 he had moved on to being a Cold and Hot Water Fitter

Unfortunately, no service record has survived for him and no definite medal rolls can be found either.

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