Category: Military
Rank: Driver
Regiment or Ship: 6th Sussex Royal Field Artillery (T)
Address: 95 Windsor Road, Bexhill on Sea

Photos and newspaper articles

First World War Experience

Driver Clarke enlisted shortly after war was declared as a notice appeared in a local newspaper dated 15th August 1914 saying that he was ‘serving’. A further – with photograph – appeared on28th February 1915 with the legend “Driver G. W. Clark, 6th Sussex Royal Field Artillery (T), son of Mr and Mrs Clarke of 95, Windsor-road.

On 1st July 1916 the following letter appeared in the Bexhill Chronicle:-

The Soldiers’ Appeal (Bexhill Chronicle 1916)

Sir, – Would you allow me, through the medium of your paper, to write for a few of the Bexhill boys of the Home Counties Royal Field Artillery, now on Active service in Mesopotamia?

In this country the conditions are very different to that of France, and any cigarettes or tobacco of any kind would be very welcome, as we cannot get a great variety of things here, as things are very scarce.

There are twelve of us Bexhill boys here, and we left England on the 25th February, 1916. Would you let the people of Bexhill know that we are all well, considering the conditions of this country, and we are now attached to the 1/1st Home Counties R.F.A. Must close now. Wishing your paper every success, we remain,

                    Dr. C. Blackford, 107, Windsor Road.

                    Dr. G. Clarke, 95, Windsor Road.

                    Dr. H. Pearman, 105 Windsor Road.

                    Dr. B. Stephenson, 71 Reginald Road.

                    Cpl. H. Wise, Merriville, Cambridge Road.

                    Dr. J. Clifton, 4, Edinburgh Road.

                    Gnr. A. Carley.

                    Bmdr. Taylor.

P.S. – We do not need overcoats here, as it is now 129 degrees in the shade, so you can tell we have not quite got used to it yet. – Again your, etc.

            (Driver) C. Blackford, 1095,

            Home Counties R.F.A.

            C/o Base Depot

            Indian Expeditionary Force (D),


Apart from the above articles nothing further can be found of Driver Clarke’s war service as no definite Christian names can be found.

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