BURT James William

Category: Conscientious Objector
Rank: Private 2300
Regiment or Ship: 7 Eastern Company Non Combatant Corps
Service Number(s): 2300
Occupation: Gardener and grower of vegetables
Date of Birth: 27.01.1895
Place of Birth: Bexhill
Date of Death: 1970
Place of Death: Peterborough Address: Crowmere Cottage, Holliers Hill,, Bexhill

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information


Father: William George Burt, b.1865, in Bexhill, Sussex

Mother: Mary Ann Burt (née Crouch), b.1863, in the district of Hailsham, Sussex


Alice Burt b.1891 Bexhill, Sussex, married Arthur Minute, from Hastings in 1907 – went to live in Fulham, S.W. London

Kate Burt b.1893 Bexhill, Sussex, married George H. Hopkins, in 1912.

Emily Burt b.1898 Bexhill Sussex. (No record of a marriage)

Olive May Burt b.1899 Bexhill, Sussex, married Eric Wright in 1918, in Bexhill, Sussex

Edith Rose Burt b.1902, in Bexhill, Sussex, died 1980 – married Albert Victor Spray (1907-1971) in 1937.

Joseph Arthur Burt b.1903, in Bexhill, Sussex (No record of a marriage found)

Lily Beatrice Burt b.1905, in Bexhill, Sussex (No record of a marriage found)

Irene May Burt born 8th August 1908, in Bexhill, Sussex (Never married) died 1975, aged 67, in Southampton, Hampshire

Wife: Ellen Sands, married in Bexhill 1915.

Children of James & Ellen

 Son      Frederick William Burt (1916 – 1996) – marriage – Ivy Margaret Taylor in 1939, in the district of Battle

Daughter     Nellie M Burt born 19th May 1919 – died 1986.

Son                Sydney James Burt (1923 – 2005) – no record of a marriage

Daughter     Daisy Joyce Burt (1931 – 2003) – marriage to Robert Harris (1930-2005) – 3 children (3 boys)

First World War Experience

James was a Conscientious Objector and served in a Non-Combatant Corps

C0007 (1) BURT, James William (Private) Army Records

Additional Information

James was a conscientious objector and went before one tribunal, at which he was exempted from combatant duties. He served with No. 7 Company, Eastern Non Combatant Corps and at sometime after the war seems to have gone to live in Peterborough but this would need further research to be corroborated.

Tribunal Reports

C0007 (2) BURT, James William (Private) Tribunal Reports

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