Category: Military
Rank: Leading Stoker 287887
Regiment or Ship: HMS Hogue
Service Number(s): 287887
Occupation: Coastguard
Address: 4 Coastguard Cottages, Bexhill

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First World War Experience

Reginald served on “HMS Hogue” which was sunk in 1914 and he was one of the survivors. He was landed in Holland the day after the disaster.

W0075 (2) BURRIDGE Reginald J (Lead Stoker) PERSONAL ACCOUNT SINKING OF THE HOGUE Bexhill Observer 03.10.1914

W0075 (3) BURRIDGE Reginald J (Lead Stoker) Bexhill Observer 26th Sep 1914 Survivor of the Hogue

He was awarded the Star, the British, and Victory Medals.

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