BRITT Charles Henry

Category: Military
Rank: Driver 534160
Regiment or Ship: 2nd Home Counties Brigade Royal Engineers later 431 Field Company Royal Engineers
Service Number(s): 979 later 534160
Occupation: Butcher
Date of Birth: 12.09.1893
Place of Birth: Hastings, Sussex
Date of Death: 04.01.1976
Place of Death: Hillingdon, Middlesex Address: 14 North Road, Bexhill

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Family Information

Father: Henry b.1865
Mother: Lucy Sargent b.1868

Siblings: Nelson James b.1896 W0074 BRITT Nelson James (Ordinary Seaman)
Lucy b.1900
Wife: Mabel Nichols 1892-1972. They married in the summer of 1915.
They had 9 children

Brother in law: Edwin Charles Waite W0122 WAITE Edwin Charles (Private)
Brother in law: Eldred Waite W0123 WAITE Eldred (Private)
Brother in law of Sister in law: Frank Victor Nichols W0096 NICHOLS Frank (Private)
Husband of Sister in law: John Albert Nichols W0097 NICHOLS John (Driver)
Husband of Sister in law: George Edward Veness W0119 VENESS George (Driver)

First World War Experience

Charles Britt and his mother and siblings went to live with maternal grandparents following the death of his father in 1906. Whilst living in Sidley he enlisted at Hastings in October 1914 with the local Territorial Engineers, the 2nd Home Counties Brigade Royal Engineers. His service was in the United Kingdom until transfer to France in September 1918.

His home service was enlivened by being kicked by a horse whilst stationed in Slough, Berkshire, and treated at a local Voluntary Aid Hospital in December 1914.

His postings were to the 494th Field Company and later the 220th Field Company (when he went to France) and later the 431st Field Company.

In December 1918 he was in hospital and was transferred back to the UK, still a hospital case.

His formal discharge was in March 1920, but he had been processed through the Brighton Dispersal Centre in February 1919.
He was awarded the British and Victory War Medals.

With acknowledgements to Diana Nichols.

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