BIGNELL Alfred Horace

Category: Conscientious Objector
Rank: Private
Regiment or Ship: Multiple - See First World War Experience for details
Service Number(s): G14011, W61209, 61309, & 171387
Occupation: Luggage Porter
Date of Birth: 1882
Place of Birth: Eastbourne, East Sussex
Date of Death: August 1948
Place of Death: Bexhill, East Sussex Place of Burial / Memorials:

Bexhill Cemetery – buried 31 August 1948 in plot DBD15

Address: 19 Wickham Avenue, Bexhill

Photos and newspaper articles

Family Information


Edward Bignell, b. 1844, in Eastbourne, Sussex

Jane Bignell (née Barnes), b.1849, in Ladbury, Somerset


Rosanna Bignell, b.1875, in Brighton, Sussex

Percy Edward Bignell, b.1877, in Eastbourne, Sussex, married Ava Margaretta S. Pigg, in Eastbourne, in 1902. They don’t appear to have had any children.

Florence Bignell, b.1879, in Eastbourne, Sussex

Bertie Mark Bignell, b.1881, in Eastbourne, Sussex, doesn’t appear to have married

Frederick Walter Bignell, b.1887, in Eastbourne, Sussex

Stanley Bignell, b.1890, in Eastbourne, Sussex

Cecil Gorden Bignell, b. 1891, in Eastbourne, Sussex

Alfred Horace Bignell married Edith Nellie Kent, on 03-08-1918 (from his Army records). They had two children:

Dorothy E. Bignell, born in 1919, in Bexhill, Sussex,

Horace G. Bignell, born in 1924, in Bexhill, Sussex – married Marie O. Askew, in the district of Hastings, in 1949.

Most of Alfred’s siblings seem never to have had children but more research would be needed


First World War Experience

C0003 (1) BIGNELL Alfred Horace (Private) Army Service Records

Alfred was a conscientious objector but appeared before just one tribunal.

Alfred served in several different corps but all involved labour in a support role –

  • 16-08-1916 – Unit 672 (HS) Equipment Company – Labour Corps
  • 18-08-1916 – Royal Sussex Infantry Workshop
  • 01-02-1917 – King’s Liverpool Regiment Infantry Workshop
  • 28-04-1917 – Labour  Corps – 309 Company
  • 23-06-1917 – Labour Corps – 365 Company
  • 16-09-1917 – Labour Corps – 670 (H.S.) Employ Company
  • 22-12-1917 – Labour Corps – 672 (H.S.) Employ Company

His service with the Army was uneventful and produced no comment from his officers.

He survived the war but there are no details as to where he lived or what he did afterwards.



Additional Information

Other Addresses:

  • 99, Tideswell road, Eastbourne (1891 census)
  • 34, Cavendish Place, Eastbourne (1901 census)
  • 7, Devonshire Road, Bexhill (1911 census)



Tribunal Reports

C0003 (2) BIGNELL Alfred Horace (Private) Tribunal Reports

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