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Education at Bexhill Museum

Bexhill Museum’s mission is to encourage discovery. We offer a wide range of subjects across the humanities, science, technology and art with sessions for primary, secondary, and higher education groups.

In addition to our impressive Sargent Gallery we have the Costume & Social History, Motoring Heritage and WWII Galleries. Our Education Room is fully equipped with newly updated audiovisual equipment.

Bexhill Museum, in partnership with Hastings Museum, is participating in the national Museum and Schools Programme. The scheme is designed to increase school pupils’ engagement with culture. We continue to work with local schools on this exciting project.

As schools & colleges return to normal activities Bexhill Museum will continue to adapt and expand its popular education offer to meet changing challenges. Please contact our education team by email at to learn more.

We continue to support schools throughout a challenging & changing time by providing Loan Boxes of carefully selected original and replica items, some of which can be handled under supervision.

Our Loan Boxes are designed to help teachers with preparing online learning ideas for children of all abilities. Loan boxes may be borrowed by teachers at registered schools for up to ten days at a time. They are very popular and advance booking is essential. There are ten different Loan Boxes and each contains a variety of artefacts and information sheets on how they can be used in a classroom setting. The current themes are:

  • The Stone Age I/II
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Early Motoring
  • Smuggling
  • World War One
  • World War Two
  • Toys
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Dinosaurs & Fossils

The boxes are quarantined after every use. For further information and to book, please email us at

Primary School Visits

We offer a wide range of interactive Enhanced Visits for primary schools, including opportunities to handle selected artefacts, and guided tours and activities in the galleries and Education Room.

Your visit will be led by our experienced team of education volunteers and where possible, our curator. From your first contact with us, we will work with you to ensure your visit goes to plan and is as enjoyable as possible for you and your pupils. On a Standard Visit our trail guide sheets allow pupils to explore the Museum at their own pace.

History & Culture

See the Museum’s impressive collection of artefacts at close hand, including hand axes, flint arrowheads and pottery shards.

Learn how the Ancient Egyptians lived and died. Investigate the mummification process and our fantastic Egyptology exhibits.

Explore Celtic culture and everyday Roman artefacts including mosaics, hypocaust tiles and a pot from Pompeii!

The chilling history of smuggling in Bexhill and along our coast. Discover the story of the gruesome Battle of Sidley Green.

Childhood, schools, home and the workhouse. Pupils can experience a short lesson in a recreated Victorian schoolroom.

The Victorian era of discovery and exploration as experienced by Annie, Lady Brassey, famous local traveller and collector.

The lives of Bexhill people transformed by the Great War: for the soldiers at on the frontline and the civilians at home.

Learn about rationing, evacuation, ‘Make Do and Mend’, gas masks and Coastal Defence. Find out if a bomb fell on your street!

The Museum has toys dating from ancient Egypt to the present day, including teddy bears, dolls, kits and games.

Trace the story of Bexhill from its beginnings as a small rural village to its emergence as a thriving Victorian seaside resort.

Learn about the coming of the railway in 1846, the first British motor car race, organised in Bexhill in 1902, and the story of how the iconic De La Warr Pavilion came to be built in the town - and why.

Science & Technology

Dig through our paleontological and geological collections and discover Bexhill’s very own dinosaurs: the Iguanodon, the Baryonyx, the Polacanthus, and the smallest dinosaur so far discovered in Britain!

Discover Bexhill’s motoring heritage and our unique car collection. Interactive exhibits explore different forms of energy, forces and motion in the wheels workshop.

The Sargent Gallery collection dives into the world’s oceans and its amazing sealife. Don’t miss the Giant Crab of Japan, which has fascinated local schoolchildren for decades!

Help for young students learning how animals and plants adapt to living in the polar regions. Investigating the effects of climate change on the fragile ecosystems of the North and South Poles, and the global effects those changes might have for all of us.

Higher Education & Secondary Schools

Key Stage 3, GCSE, AS and A Level groups. We have a wealth of valuable material, original sources and unique artefacts. Possible areas for research include the King’s German Legion, Smuggling, Bexhill’s development as a seaside resort or the town’s role in the two World Wars.

Intended for students studying textiles and costume and guided by a volunteer tutor, students can study the making of garments from the Georgian period onwards. Sewing and design techniques are covered in detail and some historic garments can be handled by students with care. Please contact the museum directly for details.

Choose from the various subjects the Museum offers for Humanities and Science and we will make sure areas covered are suitable for your year group and subject focus. If you have a subject in mind and cannot find it listed, please talk to us. We may be able to help.


Higher Education & Secondary School visits

We offer many opportunities for secondary school students in GCSE & A-Level course that can often be easily adapted for study needs. We strongly encourage degree & post-graduate students to make full use of our archives and specialist expertise.

Local History For Key Stage 3, GCSE, AS and A Level groups. We have a wealth of valuable material, original sources and unique artefacts. Possible areas for research include the King’s German Legion, Smuggling, Bexhill’s development as a seaside resort or the town’s role in the two World Wars.

Fashion Workshop Intended for students who wish to study Fashion Design & Construction, and Textiles. Guided by a volunteer tutor, students will study the construction of garments ancient & modern. Many designs and construction techniques will be covered and handling sessions of selected garments allowed.

PhD candidates We are always keen to assist specialist study in areas such as archaeology & natural history.

Subject Based Visits If you or your students have a subject in mind and cannot find it listed here, please get in touch with us directly. We may be able to help.


Primary and Secondary

Standard Visit £1.00 per student

Enhanced Visit £3.00 per student

Please note that we charge a minimum of £30 for enhanced visits.

Age 16 plus and Tertiary

Standard Visit £2.00 per student

Enhanced Visit £4.00 per student

Fashion Workshop: Please contact the Museum direct.

Loan Boxes

Loan Boxes: £30 for a ten day loan. Schools must collect & return. We offer a half price discount for schools visiting the Museum on an enhanced visit on the same topic. Booking essential.

To book

Phone 01424 222058

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