Lace and embroidery weekend

Lace and embroidery weekend

EXQUISITE quality was the hallmark of the Museum’s lace and embroidery weekend, an event which brought admirers of these skills to the Costume Group’s beautifully-presented display in the Education Room on April 27th and 28th.

Lace and embroidery weekendThe back wall was dominated by a selection of the museum’s notable collection of traditional Japanese kimonos.

Visitors were able to see lace-making at first-hand and question the craftswomen on their technique and skills, including fine torchon French work.

An intricately-worked smoking cap contrasted with an elaborate parasol. There were embroidered waistcoats dating back to the 18th Century, elegant gowns and delicate shawls.

Typical of the weekend, volunteers Georgina Bradley, Stella Hales-Morris and Heather Morrey were kept busy on the Saturday afternoon answering questions fired at them by fascinated members of the public.

No museum can hope to put more than a fraction of its total archive on display at one time. Such special events are an opportunity for the museum to bring treasures out of carefully-conserved storage and put them before the public for their education and enjoyment.

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