Eddie boosts Xmas special opening hours

Eddie Izzard at the WWII gallery in Bexhill Museum

BEXHILL Museum has extended its season to open over the Christmas period – boosted by the popularity of a new model railway commissioned by one of the town’s most famous names. Actor & international star Eddie Izzard funded and inspired the Bexhill Winter Wartime Model Railway. It depicts Bexhill during the snowy Christmas of 1940, … Read more

Eddie opens his Crazy Idea

Eddie Izzard

AN enthusiastic Eddie Izzard has explained to press and television how his “crazy idea” of recreating the snow scene which greeted his evacuee father on his return to Bexhill for Christmas 1940 has become reality. Re-enactors from the 23rd Sussex Home Guard greeted Bexhill Museum’s patron when he arrived on Monday, September 16th to open … Read more

Lace and embroidery weekend

EXQUISITE quality was the hallmark of the Museum’s lace and embroidery weekend, an event which brought admirers of these skills to the Costume Group’s beautifully-presented display in the Education Room on April 27th and 28th. The back wall was dominated by a selection of the museum’s notable collection of traditional Japanese kimonos. Visitors were able … Read more

Bexhill’s Amiens Raid Air Ace

Bexhill's Amiens Raid Air Ace

BRITISH & Commonwealth servicemen and women who lost their lives in the service of their countries are buried all over the world where their graves are tended by dedicated groups of local volunteers. One such group in Sittard in the south of the Netherlands is looking to honour one of the last British servicemen buried … Read more

1950s and 60s Exhibition

1950s and 60s Exhibition

VIBRANT colours, bold imaginative designs –   Bexhill Museum’s 2019 exhibition on the Costume Gallery catwalk pays tribute to the exotic Fifties and Sixties. Costume Group volunteers Georgina Bradley, Stella Hales-Morris and colleagues have selected with care from the museum#s extensive collection to produce a display which is at once elegant and stunning. Here are … Read more

Eddie dedicates WWII rail layout

Eddie dedicates WWII rail layout

MODEL locomotives were chuffing, an air-raid warning siren was wailing and World War II posters lined the wall as the museum’s patron, comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, dedicated its newest attraction. The Park Gallery was packed. Television and press cameras concentrated on the star. But there was one key absentee. Two years ago Eddie and … Read more