Barrack Road Police Station

 Barrack Road Police Station

An East Sussex Constabulary was formed in 1840 with a total of 23 men.

In the 1880s, when Bexhill was expanding rapidly a small police station was built at Barrack Road. It included accommodation for the officers and was equipped with two prisoner cells.

According to various street directories, the following policemen were stationed at the Barrack Road Police Station, between 1886 and 1909

1886-1890     James Criddle            (Police Constable)

1891              Thomas Dibley           (Police Constable)

1892              Vincent                      (Sergeant)

1886-1890   James Criddle    (Police Constable)

1893              Hack                          (Sergeant)

1894              Stevens                      (Sergeant)

1895              Lewis                         (Sergeant)

1896              Lewis                         (Sergeant)

1897              Lewis                         (Sergeant)

1898-1899       George Coppard          (Sergeant)

1900-1902       Albert Funnell          (Sergeant)

1903              C. Cheal                     (Sergeant)

1904-1906     Thomas Mepham       Sergeant

1907              Henry Meads             Sergeant

1908              Arthur Upton             (Sergeant)

1909              John McLean             (Sergeant)

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