The Waterloo Roll Call


As formed in Divisions and Brigades on the 18th June, 1816.


Commanded by Lieut.-Gen. the Earl of Uxbridge, G.C.B.

1st Brigade      –           Commanded by Major-Gen. Lord Edward Somerset, K.C.B.

1st Life Guards                   Lieut. Col. Forrior.

2nd Life Guards                  Lieut.-Col. the Hon. E. P. Lygon

Royal Horse Guards (Blue)  Lieut-Col. Sir Robert Hill.

1st Dragoon Guards            Lieut.-Col. Fuller (Col).

2nd Brigade     –           Major Gen. Sir WILLIAM PONSONBY, K.C.B.

1st or Royal Dragoons                      Lieut.-Col. A. B. Clifton

2nd (or Royal N. B.) Dragoons         Lieut.-Col. J. I. Hamilton.

6th or Inniskilling Dragoons             Lieut.-Col. J. Muter (Col.)

3rd Brigade     –           Major-Gen. W. B. DORNBERG.

23rd. Light Dragoons                       Lieut.-Col. The Earl of Portarlington (Col.).

1st. Light Dragoons  K.G.L.             Lieut.-Col. J. Bulow

2nd. Light Dragoons K.G.L.             Lieut..Col C. de Jonquiera.

4th Brigade      –           Major-Gen. Sir John O. VANDELEUR, K.C.B.

11th Light Dragoons                        Lieut.-Col. J. W. Sleigh.

12th Light Dragoons                        Lieut.-Col the Hon. F, C. Ponsonby (Col.).

16th Light Dragoons                        Lieut.-Col. J. Hay

5th Brigade      –           Major-Gen. Sir COLQUHOUN GRANT, K.C.B.

7th Hussars                                     Col. Sir Edward Kerrison.

15th Hussars                                    Lieut.Col. L. C. Dalrymple.

2nd Hussars K.G.L.      Lieut.-Col. Linsingen.

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