Napoleonic Timeline

Napoleonic Timeline – (with special reference to the King’s German Legion and Bexhill)

1744       France declares war on England

1748       Peace with France—Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle

1756       War with France

1762       England declares war on Spain

1763       Peace treaty with France and Spain —Treaty of Paris

1775       War with America (backed by France & Spain)

1778       War with France

1779       War with Spain

1789       French Revolution

1793       War with France (Louis XVI executed)

1794       Army camp established on Bexhill Down

1796       War with Spain

1798       Irish Rebellion Barracks built in Bexhill

1802       Peace with France—Treaty of Amiens

1803       War with France, Hanover invaded in May

1804       Napoleon made Emperor of France.

King’s German Legion arrives in Bexhill, in August

Martello Towers built

1805       Napoleon prepares to invade England

Battle of Trafalgar, 21st October – French and Spanish fleets defeated

King’s German Legion soldier murdered at Little Common

1807       King’s German Legion at siege of Copenhagen

1808       The Peninsular War in Spain

1809       King’s German Legion in Corunna Campaign in Spain

1810       King George III pronounced incurably insane.

King’s German Legion attempt to excavate the wreck of the Amsterdam

1811       George, Prince of Wales, made Prince Regent

1812       King’s German Legion officers granted permanent rank in the British Army.

Edmund Wheatley, author of the “Wheatley Diary”, joins the King’s German Legion, The “Wheatley Diary” was a journal and sketch book of this young English officer in the King’s German Legion – a first-hand account of the war against Napoleon

1813       Sophia Brazier’s paternity suit against an officer of the KGL

1814       Napoleon defeated and exiled to the Isle of Elba

The King’s German Legion leaves Bexhill on August 17th

1815       Napoleon escapes from Elba The Battle of Waterloo, June 18th.

Control of the King’s German Legion transferred to the Kingdom of Hanover

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