A Recruitment Poster & a Commission

The first image is of an appointment to the rank of captain of the First Regiment of Light Dragoons.

The word “Offizerpatent” means “Commission” and “Ernennung zum Rittmeister” translates as “Appointment to Captain”. It’s not easy to understand what it’s about because of the old-fashioned and rather flowery wording.

The second image is of a recruiting hand bill, dated 1815

Translated from German into English, it says “Through the departure of those men who asked to be dismissed when peace came, there are vacancies in the King’s German Legion (note the old spelling of ‘Teutschen’ for ‘Deutschen’) which, by order of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent of England, are to be filled immediately by volunteers. Every free German man who has the inclination to serve in this corps is hereby requested to report without delay to make up the numbers of this corps as soon as possible. Each man is to receive four guineas as bounty, and, from the day of his acceptance, free board and lodging. English pay and board are so well known that it is not necessary to say anything about them. Any soldier who is wounded when in service or becomes disabled by any illness will receive an English pension for life. Hanoverian subjects who are not liable for service in the militia will be accepted.”

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