Originally built as the coach houses and stables for the Sackville Hotel, this mews complex of buildings, linking Bolebrooke and Middlesex Roads, became a separate entity in 1902 and was known as the “Sackville Livery & Bait Stables”. It was run by a Frank Dodson who also ran a horse and carriage hire business in the town, including a full coach and four.

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SG-001 – Sackville Livery Stables, Frank Dodson 1902

SG-002 – Old Times Coach, Frank Dodson, Job Master Saville Livery & Bait Stables c1907

SG-003 – Sackville Mews, Middlesex Rd, Proprietor Frank Dodson c1908

By 1910, this business had become “Frank Dodson Limited” and, in 1926, was known as the “Sackville Works” and by this time it had switched to motorised transport,

SG-004 – Newspaper image of the Sackville Garage, F Dodson Ltd 1930

SG-005 – From the Bexhill Observer, dated 4th May 1929 (page 11). Carter & Viner bought the old Dodson premises next to the Sackville Hotel. “Frank Dodson Ltd” still continued in business, in the mews between Bolebrooke and Middlesex Roads,  with car sales added in 1938 – from 1939, it was became the “Sackville Garage”.

SG-006 – F Dodson Ltd, Western Road Garage, 1930

SG-007 – From the Bexhill Observer dated 21st April 1934. Advertisement for the new Rover “Twelve” motor car.

SG-008 – On 9th May 1940, the glass covered yard, between the two rows of buildings, was destroyed by a bomb causing a great deal of damage to cars being stored there.

After the war “F. Dodson Ltd” became agents for Rover cars and boasted an all-night garage with repair, cellulosing and welding facilities by ‘resident mechanics’. The decline in holiday visitors can, perhaps, be seen in the reduction in late night opening – 11pm from 1962 until 1968 where it was closed at 8pm.

The garage continued until comparatively recently but the site has now (2016) been redeveloped with housing.

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