This purpose-built garage, with living accommodation over, called Sandhurst Garage, was built in 1930 on what was then called Sandhurst Road, but now London Road. The owner was E. A. Easton. Between 1948 and 1958, the “Car Maintenance (Bexhill) Ltd” company were occupiers, and noted as being successors to Gwynne & Coomber of Victoria Road (1939-1940).

By 1962, G. & K. V. Prince (Prince’s Garage (Bexhill) Ltd), were owners, hence Prince’s Garage. This building is still in use today.

The following gallery shows various images and photographs from 1930 up until 1979.

Strange & Sons (Bexhill-on-Sea) Ltd were the original building contractors and the building cost was £1,447.7s.3d including fireplaces, a Kuxwell kitchen range, gas fires, a copper and bathroom fittings in the flat, petrol tanks etc. The first image shows a copy of the original quotation, dated 1929.

The second image is of the final building account, which was settled on 20th January 1930

The next two photographs, taken in the 1930s, show Mr E. A. Easton (on the right) standing, proudly, by his new garage followed by his wife, Mrs Easton, attending, and being dwarfed by, the petrol pumps!

The garage was, originally, called ‘Sandhurst Garage’ because the road on which it was built was known as Sandhurst Road – later, this road was connected to other isolated portions of road and, from these, today’s London Road was formed.

There follows a photograph of the garage, taken from the south – date unknown.

The next image shows an advert, in the 1960s, for what had become Prince’s garage.

The last image, taken from the Bexhill Observer dated 1979, shows a queue of vehicles waiting for petrol from the Sidley Service Station round the corner to the left.

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