This purpose built garage with workshops and salesrooms was built in 1931 to the approval of Sir William Morris, later Lord Nuffield. The architect was A J MacPherson of Colchester, Essex. Amy Johnson performed the opening ceremony followed by a reception at the Metropole Hotel on 19 June 1931. It occupied the corner of Egerton Road and Sackville Road, now replaced by the Landmark development of flats and retail outlet.

The owner was P G Page, also from Colchester. From c1938 to c1956 the owners were Page Brothers, followed by T R Page to c1970. The adjacent garage, 66 Sackville Road was incorporated into it from 1968. By 1972 it was Henlys Limited which then became Caffyns. In more recent times it was a branch of Westfield Garage and Honda House before this relocated to Beeching Road in 1990.

First Gallery

The first of the following two galleries shows images of “Morris House” from the beginning, in 1931, up to its demolition in 2006. This gallery is followed by more detailed explanations of what the images show.

MH-001 – The site of the future Morris House, corner of Sackville and Egerton Roads, seen in 1928 during the removal of tram tracks and replacing of tram power supply cables for trolleybus wires and stanchions.

MH-002 – During World War 2, Morris House became a “Shadow Factory” making parts for Mosquito aeroplanes. In 1935, because of what the Government saw as the obvious build-up toward, what was to become the Second World War, they produced plans for what were to become known as “Shadow Factories”. These were motor manufacturing companies, and such-like, where the technology and equipment that they already employed could be adapted and modified to meet the expected and urgent need for the production of more aircraft and aircraft parts.

MH-003 – The nearly completed Morris House in 1931.

MH-004 – The showrooms shortly after completion and opening by Amy Johnson in June 1931.

MH-005 – Sackville roundabout under construction, viewed from the De La Warr Pavilion c1960 onto Morris House – T. R. Page’s Showrooms.

MH-006 – Morris House renamed Honda House to match the car dealership in the 1970s.

MH-007 – Morris House as part of the Westfield Garage group in the 1980/90s.

MH-008a & MH-008b – Two views of the building shortly before demolition in 2006.

MH-009 – The Honda Car Centre in Beeching Road was opened on 22 June 1990 by Mr Hikari, Managing Director of Honda UK.

MH-010 – Morris House, T R Page’s showrooms and workshops with Shell petrol pumps in Sackville Road 1960s.

MH-011 – Interior view of showroom of Morris House showing five MG models including the Magna Continental Coupe nearest the camera and the N type Magrette (in production from 1934 to 1936.

MH-012 – 1935 advert for Page’s Garage at “Morris House”.

MH-013 – Advert for T. R. Page, at “Morris House”, as distributors for Morris, Wolseley, Riley and M. G. cars.

Second Gallery

This second gallery shows photographs and images lustrating the range of vehicles for which they were distributors or which they supplied – again, with more detailed information.


MH-014 – MH022 – This gallery of photographs illustrate the range of vehicles supplied by Morris House in the 1950s, including examples of the sign-writer’s art for local companies.

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