The premise at 35/36 Marina were constructed in 1913 and occupied by the “Bexhill Motor Company”, which was managed by E Greenway Grimes. In 1915 it was purchased by Herbert Pulham who already had premises at 27, Sackville Road, which he sold in 1919.

In 1917 the Bexhill School of Motoring, run by Pulham was based here. He owned a Leyland Y2 charabanc which was available for local hire.

Between 1934 and 1938 Harry Hill Sivyer purchased the garage. He had previously been employed by Carter & Lidstone as a bus driver. In the late 1950s he was agent for Ford and Vauxhall vehicles later adding NSU and Opal.

The garage closed in 1972 and the site cleared for redevelopment but this didn’t take place until some afterwards; Marina Court now occupies the site.

MG-001 – Early view of Marina Garage from Wilton Court to the east (c1915)

MG-002, MG-003 & MG-004 – Three views of Marina Garage probably in the 1950s.

MG-005 & MG-006 – Two views of Marina Garage in the 1960s with impressive street lighting standards and the first Marina Court building, the development on the site of the garage reviving the same name.

MG-007 – Marina Garage advert 1950s

MG-008 – Marina Garage advert 1960s

MG-009 – Marina Garage late1920s, early 1930s.

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