Originally adjacent to the Devonshire Hotel, in Endwell Road, this enterprise was owned by Benjamin Crossinggum and a Mr Deacon. They commenced business in 1937, offering servicing and repairs.

In 1938, C. M. Pavey ran the Dorset Road Garage. at 13 Dorset Road but, by 1948, Devonshire Garage had both sites and were described as motor engineers and cars for hire. The company was Devonshire Garage (Bexhill) Limited by 1953 and no longer had premises in Endwell Road.

In 1956, Dorset Road was re-numbered, 13/15 becoming 21/23 and, in the 1960s, the Devonshire Garage became agents for Riley cars. In 1973, Hemisphere UK Ltd, motor car agents, dealers and engineer, took over the business and re-named the garage “Hemisphere Garage”. This, however, was short lived as, by 1974, it had become Coombe Motors Limited.

The following is a copy of an advert sometime in the late 1950 and early 1960s.

Devonshire Garage Advert
 Devonshire Garage Advert
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