Originally founded by S L Taylor c1927 using the former premises of the Roller Skating Rink in Buckhurst Road. Seems to have had premises in Endwell Road as well in the late 1920s and relocated to 57-65 London Road by 1938 when it was Bexhill Motor Co Ltd, motor engineers. The company was reformed in 1960 and were agents for Triumph and Rover. Became part of the Hastings based Skinners group, then Wilmoth’s (Edward Wilmoth) in 1991, closed on the retirement of Ted Wilmoth in May 2000. Site now occupied by Aldi’s.

BM-001 – Early motor garages were also general engineers dealing with the technology of the period. This advert from Bexhill Observer, of  January 1925, advertises “Turret and Roof masts for Wireless” and refers to the “Bexhill Motor Mart” as being the “Original Bexhill Wireless Dealers”.  This, later, became “Bexhill Motors” – the clue is in the same telephone number “650” used by both – see BM-002, BM-003 and BM-004.

BM-002 – This advertisement, for the “Marconiphone”, appeared in the Bexhill Observer, dated 11th February 1928. “Marconiphone” was an English manufacturer of domestic receiving equipment in the early days of wireless broadcasting,. After World War I, the “Marconi Scientific Instrument Company”, at their premises in Soho, began producing non-industrial receivers, principally for the amateur market. In 1922, the Marconi Company formed the “Marconiphone” department, to design, manufacture and sell domestic receiving equipment. This equipment complied with Post Office specifications and tests for such equipment and was awarded the BBC stamp of approval. Initially, these sets were made at the Company’s Chelmsford Works. In December 1923, a “Marconiphone” department was formed as a subsidiary of the Marconi Company.

BM-003 – This is the only known image of the Bexhill Motors premises, in Buckhurst Road, comes from a Bexhill Observer advertisement in September 1925.

BM-004 – Advertisement for the Erskine Six motor car of March 1928. These were produced by Studebaker of Indiana, USA from 1926 to 1930.

BM-005 – Raleigh 8cwt delivery van/tricycle from the Bexhill Observer December 1934. The price is given as 95 gns – this was 95 guineas. Before 1816, the guinea was the major British unit of currency but was then replaced by the pound. A guinea was equal to 21 shillings (£1 1shilling or £1.05 in decimalised currency) and continued to be used well into the C20th for items considered more up-market, more sophisticated – such things as professional fees to solicitors or surgeons, land purchasing, race horses, art objects and many other luxury items.

BM-006 – Bexhill Motors advert for Triumph cars, from the Bexhill Observer (22-10-1966)  – the Triumph 2000, the Vitesse,  the Herald and the Spitfire,

BM-007 – Wilmoth’s Garage in 1997 just before closure and demolition. Most of the buildings date from a rebuilding in 1992. The site covered nos. 57-69 London Road and included extensive showrooms, accessory shop, paintshop and workshops and reception. Formerly owned by Skinners (1964 to 1991) and Bexhill Motors from at least 1938 and possibly as early as 1926.

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