This was probably the site of the first garage in Bexhill when formed by Harold Bradney Williams in 1901 under the name Bexhill Motor Company. He bought four buses with which to start the first bus service but closed in 1902 due to not complying with petrol storage regulations.

The property then it seems to have been vacant until Herbert Pulham, motor and electrical engineer, took possession, in 1906. Pulham had started his business in 1903 at De La Warr Mews (later used by Caffyns). He bought Marina Garage in 1915 but seems to have continued here until 1919. Arthur C

Buck then purchased this site, motor engineer and garage proprietor. By 1934 he had also built another workshop etc on unused land on the opposite side of the road at no.66. He continued to use no. 27 until 1939.

After the Second World War the property was bought by S Bailey (Ore) Ltd, motor body builders and cellulose sprayers. This continued until 1969. In 1970 it became the HTR Car Centre, used car sales. In 1973 it specialised in Skoda cars and became Motorhaven in 1985, Nissan dealers. By 1992 they were Peugeot and Hyundai agents. In March 2000 the passing of ‘Jacko’ the 12year old Labrador/collie cross and much loved resident of the show room was recorded. The garage closed shortly afterwards and is now Curves Fitness Centre.


SR27- 001  – Three cars outside 27/29 Sackville Road premises during Herbert Pulham’s ownership. The car on the left has the registration number prefix of “AP”, which was that for East Sussex. It also dates this image as being after 1904, which was when the Motor Act of 1903 came into force.

SR27-002 – Six cars lined up outside Pulham’s  Garage, at 27/29 Sackville Road.

SR-27-003 – Arthur Buck’s first garage was at 27/29 Sackville Road, purchased in 1920. He later built another garage/workshop at 66 Sackville Road on the opposite side of the road

SR27-004 – Advert by Pulham for Ford motor cars

SR27-005 – After WW2 the premises were bought by S. Bailey (Ore) Ltd

SR27-006 – 27/29 Sackville Road as a Motorhaven branch under the Peugeot Talbot dealership.


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