Ashburnham & Penhurst War Memorials

Ashburnham Parish ChurchAshburnham

The Ashburnham Church war memorial is inside St. Peter’s Church Ashburnham. It is located on the North wall of the Nave about half way down. It is a framed document, decorated pen on paper, with a little damage at the bottom left hand corner.

It lists the 74 men who went to war on a Roll of Honour and separately lists the 16 men killed in action. It covers the parishes of Ashburnham and Penhust.

Roll of Honour:

Thomas Agate, David Beal, Percy Boorman, Joseph Boorman, Frederick Boorman, Sidney Booth, Albert Booth, George Barden, Percy Barden, Robert Cook, Arthur Cook, Frank Cook, Alfred Cook, Charles Creasey, George Creasey, Luther Cornford, Richard Dawes, Joseph Dawes, Ernest Funnell, Arthur Hobden, George Hobden, Edward Hobden, Cyril Hobden, Richard Hobden, William Hobden, Robert Harmer, George Harmer, Thomas Harmer, John Harmer, Ernest Harmer, Robert Harmer, Harry Harmer, Harvey Harmer, Charles Hobday, Albert Hobday, William Hilder, Frederick Hilder, Charles Hilder, Bertram Hilder, Thomas Houselden, James Hopper, Harry Honeysett, Samuel Hawkins, George Isted, Thomas Isted, Frederick Isted , George Isted, Sidney Jenner,
Clifford Keeley, Charles Keeley, James Keeley, Harry Lade, Thomas Lade, Frank Muggridge, Frederick Parrott, Harry Roberts, Alfred Ridel, Horace Sturt, Bertram Saunders, Bertram Sinden,
Close up of Ashburnham War Memorial PlaqueWilliam Stubberfield, Horace Stubberfield, George Sutton, John Taylor, George Taylor, Bertram Taylor, Percy Taylor , Charles Taylor, Harry Turley, Alec Venner, Bertram White, William Winchester, Herbert Waters, John Waters.

Killed in Action:

William Avard, Frederick W Carter, Henry Cooper, Alexander William Creasey, Alfred Harmer,
George Hilder, Stephen G Hobday, Walter James Hobday, Sidney F Marchant, Thomas Henry Mills, Percy Parrott, Ernest John Rooke, Frederick G Stubberfield, Ernest Turner, Frank Turner,
Charley Winchester.

PenhurstPenhurst Parish Church

The main memorial for Penhurst is located in Ashburnham Church. However there are additional memorials in St. Michael the Archangel Church in Penhurst. Halfway down the nave on the North wall is a brass memorial plaque for Corporal W. J. Hobday and Lieutenant S.G. Hobday. They were both killed in action.

The churchyard also has one war grave which is looked after by the Commonwealth Graves Commission for Private P. Parrott.

All three of these men are listed on the Ashburham memorial.

There is also a war memorial recording the fallen on the road side between the two churches, in Church Road, approx 1 mile from the A271 turning (close to Ashburnham Place).

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