Transcription: Sussex 38, Cooden Bexhill Chronicle Dec 1915

From the Bexhill Chronicle 18th December 1915

Sussex 38, Cooden.

Cooden Camp No 38 VAD Hospital c.1914. Bexhill Museum Catalogue (2)On September 25th, 1914, Miss Bennett, Commandant, Miss Leng, Lady Superintendent, Miss Kirkman, Quartermaster, and the members of the V.A.D., Sussex 38, opened the Cooden Lawn Tennis Pavilion, with the kind permission of Lord De La Warr, as a hospital for the sick of the Sussex regiments then stationed at Cooden Camp.

The Hospital contained 14 beds: that number was soon found insufficient, and it became absolutely necessary to enlarge the building. The members of Sussex 38, with the help of Mrs Cyril Maude and Miss Pamela Maude, collected about £400, and with a grant from the Government, a ward was added with 26 beds, bathrooms, kitchen, operating theatre, nurses’ bedrooms and other additions.

In June wounded from the front were admitted, and were under the care of Dr. Stokes, Medical Officer for the Detachment. A recreation room was badly needed, and Mr and Mrs Latham headed the list for this purpose with £55. Others generously gave, and a large annex has been built, and was completed last month. Mr A. S. Hayward, the professional carpenter, had the willing and practical assistance of Messers. De Winton, Hershaw, and Stevens.

Since the Hospital was opened 500 in patients, sick and wounded, representing over 5,500 nights have been attended to, and about 11,000 out-patients for minor dressings, etc., have passed through the Hospital.Group of wounded men at the Cooden Hospital. Remember Cooden. Report and pictures. 29th July 1916

It is impossible to cover expenses with the allowance made by the Government, and gifts of money or groceries will be most gratefully received. Parcels may also be placed in the box Mrs Allison, West Bungalow, Marina, has kindly put up for that purpose.

The Commandant, Miss Bennett, gratefully acknowledges the following gifts given to the Hospital during the past ten days:_

  • Mrs and Miss Ford, vegetable marrows,
  • Miss Murray, flowers,
  • Mrs Pinkney (St Leonards), warm clothing.
  • The Misses Hitchens, oranges,
  • Mrs Warren, cakes,
  • Mrs Bennett, cakes and vegetables,
  • Mr Kershaw, potatoes,
  • Mrs Vivian, Vegetables,
  • Mrs Lonsdale, cakes,
  • Mrs Sutton, cushions, camp stool, bed socks,
  • Mrs MacCarty, sugar,
  • Staff and Scholars of St. Barnabas Girl’s and Infants School, socks, cuffs, and handkerchiefs,
  • Miss Lane, vegetables, eggs,
  • Mrs Chilton, cakes, jam, swabs.
  • A.L.W., apples,
  • Mrs Elger, 5s for Christmas,
  • Miss S. Galbraith, 5s for Christmas,
  • Mr Blacker, 15s.
  • Miss Green, £3 (sale of flowers),
  • Entertainment given by the Girls of St. Hilary’s School, £2,
  • Per Mrs Allison’s collecting box, Marina Mansions, books, papers, raisons, sugar, macaroni, post toasties, mittens.
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