Transcription: School Nurse Testimonial Bexhill Observer Jan 1918

From the Bexhill Observer 19th January 1918


A meeting of the Bexhill Education Committee was held at the Town Hall on Thursday evening. Mr W.F. Giller presided, and there was also present Councillors W. Brown, G. Coppard, R. C. Hampton, J. Rogers, and F. W. Vane, I.S.O., Mrs Meads and Mr Arthur B. Lawson (Secretary). The Chairman (Mr H. G. Coghlan) arrived later.

The Finance Sub-Committee recommended that the salary of the School Nurse (Miss Dudley) be raised to £90 per annum from the 1st February, increasing by annual increments of £10 to a maximum £120, and that her holidays be fixed at five weeks in the year.
Councillor Hampton, moving the adoption of the report, said that the Nurse had now been working for twelve months, and on all hands they heard reports of the very excellent work she was doing. She must be possessed of considerable tact, because, so far as one could hear, she pleased everybody. The appointment of the School Nurse was one of the wisest things the Committee had done. The health of their children was well studied, with the Nurse, the Medical Officer, and the dental clinic.

Councillor Coppard, seconding said that the Nurse had given great satisfaction among the labouring classes of Sidley and the district.

Mrs Meads said the Nurse did very good work, and was extremely interested in the whole question of the hygiene of schools. It was one of the best appointments the Committee had made.

Mr Giller said with regard to the increase that the Nurse was quite worthy of it. If they thought of the number of cases during the year, and the distance from the Sluice to the far side of Sidley, they would agree that the Nurse thoroughly earned her salary. Not only so, but in consequence of their Medical Officer’s other duties she had extra work.

The recommendation was unanimously carried.


With regard to decreased attendance through colds and rough weather, Mrs Giller saud there had been one or two cases of bad boots, but that was not a serious trouble. Probably the children were never better fed and clothed.

The Committee approved the appointment of Miss D. Needham-Smith, St Barnabas Infants, uncertified, salary according to scale, plus £10 per annum War Bonus; to commence 21st January. Miss Francis M. Brown, St. Peter’s Boys. Temporary uncertified, salary to scale, plus £10 War Bonus; St Mary Magdalen’s, Temporary Head, salary to scale, commenced 7th January.

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